The Psycho Legacy DVD Details.


Thanks to the folks over at Fangoria we have the DVD details for the upcoming 2-Disc The Psycho Legacy set.

The Psycho Legacy, written and directed by Robert V. Galluzzo and produced by Anthony Masi and Galluzzo, traces the complete history of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror landmark, its three sequels and the movies’ impact on popular culture. The DVD features the 90 minute documentary and over 3 hours of bonus material.

The Psycho Legacy is set to be released on October 19 at the retail price of $19.93

We have been following The Psycho Legacy for quite some time, and now it is almost here. This looks like a very promising documentary and it's packed with special features and looks very in depth, this is a MUST for horror fans and I can't wait. 2010 is shaping up to be an awesome year for horror documentaries, I just hope more follow suit.

Check out the trailer below:

The special features are as follows:

  • Extended and deleted scenes
  • Full panel discussion with Perkins
  • PSYCHO reunion panel
  • A tour of the Bates Motel
  • "Revisiting PSYCHO II": Sequel scripter Holland and Galluzzo go over original blueprints, newspaper clippings and articles and possessions left behind from PSYCHO II director Franklin
  • "Shooting PSYCHO II" interview featurette with cinematographer Dean Cundey
  • A visit with PSYCHO memorabilia collector Guy Thorpe
  • "PSYCHO on the Web"
  • The Hyaena Gallery presents serial-killer-inspired art

For more information and to Pre-Order check out the Official Website

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