Swedish Horror with MekB19


The film "MekB19" has a simple premise - "a sleep dreprived guard who is potentially delusional, while there are several killings on the compound."  This has a good set up, with the director "potentially" having some fun with the viewer with "what is" or "what is not" real.  

On the flip side.. that would also give a director a way to cheat the viewer, cover up plot holes and.............. wait, I'm beginning to ramble, but I do have to say one more thing... after watching the trailer Jonathan Katzef (Director) may be onto something..  I definately want to see more. 

Anyways.. check out the teaser and let the deadman know what you think.

For some back story about the film, be sure to check out the MekB19 site.

via Vimeo.

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