Chester Turner's Black Devil Doll From Hell coming to DVD

When Jonathan Lewis made his film Black Devil Doll everyone always asked if it was a sequel or a remake of Chester Turners film Black Devil Doll From Hell. That film is very hard to come by considering it was shot direct to VHS and the only copies available are old school bootlegs. Now for the first time however the film will be available on DVD. Preorders for the DVD will begin on September 6th with a release date on October 26th. Below you can check out some early artwork that is not final at the moment and the DVD details. Special Features: 
  • Collector's edition Lenticular 3D Cover for the first 1000 sold
  • Audio commentary by Art (Ultra Violent Magazine) Ettinger and Louis (Massacre Video) Justin
  • Special bonus feature, Chester Turner's Tales From The Quadead Zone (first time on DVD!)
  • Liner notes by Greg Goodsell
  • Trailers

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