Dawn of the Dead Premiere Review

Gary our resident celebrity posted a fantastic review of his experiences watching Dawn of the Dead 2004 remake, as well as his time at the premier and talking with the director. I wanted to share this with you all.

I liked the DAWN remake, I mean ... well....  When I first Watched it, I sat in the Theater and Said... WTF, this is not DAWN of the DEAD.

Then The Next Night, I went to see it again, Can't pass up 2 free movies in a 2 day time pass, now can I. I warmed up to it a Little more.

I remember this from my trip to the Premiere. The Night I arrived in LA, was the Night before the world Premiere, Universal arranged a priavte Screening. I took a Friend in LA I had with me and we went to see the film. That was the 1st viewing, It was just not my Cup of Tea. My Contact at Universal approached me the Next morning at the press conference and said "well, What did you think?" I told her... Ummmm Well, I didn't like it.

After going into depth about it with her, Zack Snyder came up to me and Said so..."What did you think?" I told him I didn't like it , and why. Mythology was my biggest Issue with the Remake. No matter how you Died you came Back from the Dead, in the original Dawn the Scientist on the TV show even said "Every Dead Body that is Not exterminated becomes one of them, It gets up and Kills, The People It Kills Gets Up and Kills". If you remember in the Remake when Andre and The Trucker Lady Shot themselves up, they never revived. When terry wanted to shoot them, Ana Said they weren't bitten, they won't come back.

So I walked around for 24 hours Holding a Grudge against the film for just that reason. So the Next night at the Premiere, It hits me while watching it a 2nd time.

Something mysterious Causes Dead People to come back to life. So Maybe this Revival of the Dead Event was just a couple Hour thing, and Then After that no Matter how you did you didn't come back unless your were infected by the creatures.

Anyway, in that line of thinking it made the film more enjoyable. Now I still have a Problem with the Lack of Zombie Screentime. I wanna See huge Zombie Feasts, not Take Downs, I wanna see People getting ripped apart.

Dawn 2004 is still a Good Zombie Film, Definately better than RE will ever be. However, It shall never compare to the Original.

Editors Note: Thanks to Gary for sharing this great tidbit on our website. If you would like to share your views in the original discussion, here is the link http://moviesonline.ca/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=752&highlight=dawn+dead+remake

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