5 Vampire Killers That Kick Ass & Take Names


The vampire genre of horror films is one of my favorite genres only second to zombie films and much like the zombie genre its packed full of really bad films and a few true gems. Today I want to take a look at 5 Bad Ass Vampire Killers that you can stake ( get it ? ) odds on that they will come out on top against the bitey living undead.

Wesley Snipes BLADE: Directed by Stephen Norrington and written by David Goyer this is one of my all time favorite vampire-action flicks. I am not normally a fan of Wesley Snipes but his role as BLADE the daywalking half vampire, all bad ass is one of my favorites. With a great story and a great cast the original BLADE film is one of my personal favorites. BLADE delivers the beat down in epic fashion in Blade and the followup Blade 2. Unfortunately Blade 3 Trinity is one of the worst movies I have ever seen especially the character Jessica Biel played. Dumping in sex appeal to a franchise is great but please studios try to make it way less random would you?

Kristie Swanson, Buffy: Admittedly as huge a fan of Joss Whedons as I am I have never seen a single episode of the Buffy TV series. I did however see the movie which starred Kristie Swanson and 90210's Luke Perry. The film is a classic teen horror movie with more action / romance then real terrors I left this movie pumped up and with a major crush on Kristie Swanson as the ass kicking vampire killer Buffy. The film had a great cast including Donald Sutherland and is pretty much classic Joss Whedon. Not a deep or dark movie by any stretch but a fun teen-movie sure to make you chuckle and enjoy yourself. Plus its got Swanson.... do you need more?

James Woods, Vampires: I am a huge fan of John Carpenters and I like all his movies even the one you all love to hate Ghosts of Mars. Vampires is one of his best starring James Woods as the leader of a gang of vampire killers working for the church. When a church leader goes rogue and unleashed the mother of all vampires for his own diabolical intentions James Woods, Daniel Balwin and the rest of his gang go on a vampire-ass-kicking joy ride as they hunt down the darkest of all vampires 'Valek'.


Kate Beckinsale Underworld: If this editorial was called 'Vampires I would love to have kick my ass in leather' Kate Beckinsale is the only one on this list that would also make that list. Kate Beckinsale plays a lycan hunting vampire with the most-est when she turns on her clan and goes from hunting Lycans to battling vampires. Kate Beckinsale really hit the map for me in this film and played not only a tough character but a smoking hot one as well. Never have vampire hunters come hotter then Kate!

George Clooney, From Dusk Til Dawn: Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk til Dawn has made a few of my lists including a few hottie lists because it co-stars Selma Hayek as a vampire stripper showing off her godly gifts. The film stars Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney as two murderous brothers who car jack a preachor and his kids and escape to the Titty Twister in Mexico and freedom. The problems arise when the bar it turns out is a vampire haven. George Clooney plays one of his only good film characters as he kicks ass and takes names in brutal fashion. Quentin Tarantino also did a fantastic job as the 'perverted brother'. For me this is still one of Robert Rodriguez's best films.

So there you have it 5 Bad Ass Vampire Killers in Film. What would be on your list?

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