Thailand Horror The Snow White Trailer


Thanks to 24FramesPerSecond for bringing this movie to my attention, The Snow White (ตัวอย่าง "ตายทั้งกลม") is another Thai ghost story, but come on they do know how to make a good ghost story.
The Snow White opens in Thailand theaters next month and an international release is still awaiting announcement.

For the mean time you can check out the trailer below, which contains some ghoulish goings on and involves black magic and human foetus's. That's all I need to hear, bring me this release now!

Synopsis: "Two students stealthy dissect the dead body of a pregnant woman just to get the dead infant in her belly, to perform a dark magic charm. But the magic doesn't work, and soon they realise a terrible price is to be paid for their horrific act, as they're hunted by the vengeful ghost of the dead woman. While the ghost is threatening their lives, a kind hearted nurse tries to stop the ghost to save them"

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