Case 39 Finally Sees The Silver Screen?


Bet most people forgot about this one, I sure did.  But way, WAY back in September of last year we said that the Renee Zellweger horror film Case 39 would be released in January 2010.  Yeah...that didn't happen.  But whilst I was trolling Apple's Trailer page, I found an icon for Case 39 with of all things...a release date!  October 1, 2010 is apparently the new date set for the movie.  Seeing this sparked some curioristy in my head about other 'completed but MIA films'; Gallowwalker comes to mind.

In Case 39 social service worker Emily Jenkins removes ten year old Lilith Sullivan from her parents when they attempt to kill her.  Emily takes in the child until she can find the right foster home.  Then, the horror begins.  Renee Zellweger, Ian McShane, and Bradley Cooper star; Christian Alvart (Antibodies, Pandorum) directs.  Case 39 arrives in theaters (we hope) October 1, 2010.

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