3D Ghost Rider 2 Shooting This Fall


Nicholas Cage talks Ghost Rider 2We have known for awhile now that Ghost Rider 2 was coming and that Nicolas Cage would star. Eva Mendez I believe at last report is not returning which is unfortunate but also probably a wise choice.

According to HotNews.ro Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance will shoot in Romania this fall. This is the second big American production to shoot in Romania ( last one was Cold mountain ). This is also the first 3D production to shoot in Romania.

Nicolas Cage revealed some time back that the 2nd film will be based after the first one but will be setup in such a fashion that its a stand alone film. It will not have any ties to the first one which makes sense since I am sure nobody is waiting with baited breath to see the story continue. What do you think about Ghost Rider 2? Excited? Blah? Tell us!

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