The Human Centipede DVD Details


I remember watching The Human Centipede at the Alamo Drafthouse and being completely disturbed to my core.  While it started out a bit slow and a bit more like a thread-bare DTV bargain film; it quickly became a movie that probably would have Takashi Miike crapping his pants.  The movie itself is fantastic and unless there's an upset before December; it gets my vote for the most disturbing film of the year.

But, for those who haven't seen it yet DVDActive got a look at the DVD which is due out this fall.  

Special Features

  •  Commentary by Director Tom Six
  •  Making of Featurette
  •  Delete Scene 
  •  Alternate Posters
  •  Trailers

And these are both DVD and Blu-ray special features so folks who will get the DVD won't be left out of the behind the scenes material.  I'm most fascinated with listening to Six's commentary and in some ways; a bit scared to listen what's ticking in his head.  The Human Centipede will hit DVD and Blu-ray on October 5.
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