Bruce Campbell To Take On Frankenstein?


With the upcoming release of The Evil Dead on Blu-ray from Anchor Bay on August 31. MTV caught up with the man himself Bruce Campbell and he talks a bit about Bruce vs. Frankenstein the sequel to My Name is Bruce. Check out what Bruce had to say below:

 Bruce Campbell tells MTV

 "We were hoping to do it during the middle of this break in my 'Burn Notice' TV schedule but I'm making a 'Burn Notice' TV movie instead about my character. It's a prequel movie about how Sam Axe got stuck in Miami. So we had to push ['Bruce Vs. Frankenstein.'] Hopefully we'll do it during the next break. I want every horror movie icon in the movie. I want it to be the 'Mad, Mad, Mad World' of horror movies.

To read more on what Bruce spoke about head on over to MTV.

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