Two More [REC] Sequels Coming Soon


The original Spanish horror film [REC] completely blew me outta the water when I got the DVD from across the pond and sat down to watch it in the dark.  Needless to say my reaction wasn't solitary and from what everyone is saying [REC]2 is much the same way.  I'm anxiously waiting for the DVD to come out in the UK.

But for fans of the movies, here's something to get your mouth watering even more.  Variety reports that French distributors Le Pacte and Wild Side Films have picked up two more films for French theatrical and DVD distribution.  Now while our readers in France rejoice, hopefully we'll hear more about the sequels sooner or later.  What is known though is that Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero (who co-directed the original and it's sequel) will each direct one of the upcoming sequels. 

Plaza will helm [REC] Genesis (more than likely a movie that'll delve more into the origin of the virus) and Balaguero will helm [REC] Apocalypse (a title which I think gives a clue of what will happen).  No word yet on other territory distribution yet however Genesis is due out in France in Fall 2011 and Apocalypse follows in Fall 2012.  Keep an eye out and hopefully more will come out soon.

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