UK Indie Thriller Devil's Bridge Trailer


Upcoming UK psychological thriller Devil's Bridge written & directed by Chris Crow will be his debut feature length film. In 2008 Chris formed the production company Dogs of Annwn with producer David Llyod.

The film stars David Schofield 'From Hell', 'The Wolfman (2010), Michael Jibson 'Freakdog' Joseph Millson 'Casino Royal (2006) Gary Mavers 'S.N.U.B!' and Joshua Richards 'Troy'.

Devil's Bridge was shot on location in South Glamorgan Wales, UK and is currently in post-production, Devil's Bridge was picked up by UK and LA based film distributor Stealth Media Group and a release date is set for 2010.

For more information head on over to the official website.

Synopsis: "Heading into the rural isolation of Wales with his friends Adam (Michael Jibson) and Danny (Gary Mavers), Sean finds himself in uncharted, unknown and deeply alien territory. In this unfamiliar setting the trio cross William Parry (Joshua Richards), a hardened farmer, consumed by paranoia, and a lifetime of bitter resentment, a powder keg ready to blow.

Their encounter spins out of control, spiraling into a horrific “Heart of Darkness” spree of pointless violence and revenge as William hunts the boys through a stark and unforgiving terrain.

Wrong place, wrong time and a long way from homeā€¦

This looks great and looks like it's set to be yet another gritty UK film in the vein of movies such as 'Deliverance'  and 'Straw Dogs' and hopefully they will release this soon.

Check out the trailer below:

So what do you think?

Source: PRlog


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