Bruce Campbell Says Bubba Ho Tep Sequel is Dead


Bubba Ho-Tep is the definition of genre filmmaking. True blue horror fans loved it for a variety of reasons including the fact it starred Bruce Campbell while mainstream America let out a united 'WTF' as it went completely over their heads. You know, the same folks who loved The Last Exorcism hated Bubba Ho Tep.

For the last few years us die hards have been dieing for the sequel Bubba Nosferatu to see the light of day and the last update we had was from iFMagazine who caught up with Coscarelli a year ago who said the following about the project:

“It’s going to star Bruce Campbell again, and he’s going to put on the old sequined jump suit," says Coscarelli. "It looks like it could be pretty interesting.”  Obviously, from that comment Campbell’s Elvis survived the first movie, and Coscarelli laughingly added, “ Who said he died? He’s not dead.  It’s the magic of movies, we’ll resuscitate him some how.”

Today comes the sad news from a commentor over on MoviesOnline that Bruce Campbell today announced on something called 'Pugs & Company' that the project is dead because they could not come to terms on the script. Let me just say one word in reaction... Bummer!

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