Hatchet II Website Has Gone Live


Hatchet II is nearly upon us, on October 1st we see the return of Victor Crowley in hopefully one of the greatest gore-fests ever as Adam Green and the AMC Theater chain are unleashing Hatchet II unrated. We are about to witness horror history and even if your not a fan of Hatchet, I say come and help the cause for the horror genre and help get unrated horror movies in every theater... well one can wish.

Adam Green's Hatchet II website has gone live and you can view it HERE the site has a photo gallery with some unseen images and the teaser trailer. It also features Victor Crowley with a belt sander, you can just imagine the unrelenting torment that could involve.

Synopsis: "Hatchet II follows Marybeth as she escapes from the clutches of Victor Crowley, learns the truth about his curse, and heads back into the haunted New Orleans swamp to seek revenge for her family and kill Victor Crowley once and for all."

Hatchet II stars Danielle Harris (Marybeth), Tony Todd (Rev. Zombie), Kane Hodder (Victor Crowley), Tom Holland (Bob) and R.A. Mihailoff (Trent).

Source: HorrorBid

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