Reader Mailbag: Demons Remake? Yes Its Coming!


One of the things that we are doing new is doing a regular 'reader mailbag' feature where you the readers ask us questions on Twitter or on Facebook and we respond with whatever information we can to help answer your questions. If one reader wants to know its likely others do as well.

Luke asked the question on our Facebook Community whether there were plans for a remake of DEMONS and the answer is yes. The producer of Piranha 2 Ovidio Assonitis is planning on doing a remake of DEMONS called Demons Underground.

The word is that FOX is working on the remake of the Dario Argento film. Rumor has it from Creature-Corner that Cyrus Voris will write the new remake. Cyris Voris wrote Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight, BulletProof Monk, the new Russell Crow Robin Hood movie and is also working on the upcoming Karate Kid Remake sequel.

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