Poster for Le Village des Ombres


Le Village des Ombres (aka: The Village of Shadows) is an upcoming French horror film by director Fouad Benhammou, which is scheduled to be released overseas in November.

I haven't found a "full official" synopsis yet, but Dread Central say's: "In the thriller a group of friends go on a trip to the village of Ruiflec with two different cars. When they get close to the village, all the passengers of one of the cars have disappeared. The others arrive in an empty village and can't find their friends."

And IMDB only has this to add:  "A group of young people trapped in an evil village."

Ok.. missing friends and an evil village - works for me.

The poster for Le Village des Ombres is about as sexy as the synopsis (which isnt much), but hell it's a French film (deadman's flavor of the month), so I'm willing to take baby steps.

 via: Dread Central

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