Paranormal Activity Teams New Zombie Flick 'The Bay'


Today from Screen Read comes word that Barry Levinson is teaming with Paranormal Activity producers Oren Peli, Brian Kavanagh Jones and Steven Shneider to bring us what is being billed as an 'eco zombie thriller' called The Bay.

The premise of the film is about a viral outbreak that wipes out the world and is told through scraps of video including camera phone recordings and 911 calls. Quite honestly it sounds like Cloverfield meets Carriers and I am really not sure I am even remotely interested.

I have never been a fan of first person reality style filmmaking when it comes to my films which is why films like Diary of the Dead and Cloverfield annoyed me. Well in fairness Diary of the Dead annoyed me because it wasnt very good and Cloverfield made me sea sick.

What are your thoughts on this new zombie-eco-thriller that the Paranormal Activity team is working to bring us?

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