Ninjas vs Vampires Trailer is Bad ... in a Good Way


The trailer for Ninjas vs Vampires which you can checkout below is bad.. really bad, but in a good kinda way. I love cornball indie b-movies and Ninjas vs Vampires appears to pack all the things I love in my classic b-movie films. Dead Heat won me over with its cornball antics of Zombie Cops fighting crime and Stink of Flesh did it with its $10 special FX and hilarious antics and now Ninjas vs Vampires is looking to do the same!

In case you need me to tell you the movie is about Ninjas that take on vampires and features such epic screenwriting as 'its fighty time' and every ninjas favorite word 'cowabunga'. A mix of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sam Raimi humor if the film is half as good as the trailer its a keeper. You can checkout the trailer below and then pay them a visit on their official site here

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