The Wicker Tree - Teaser Trailer


The Wicker Tree is the companion movie not a sequel  to the 1973 original The Wicker Man and not the Nicholas Cage remake, thought I would mention as to not cause any confusion. As my first thought was "Please god no, not more quick cash-in attempts" thankfully it's helmed by the original creator and finally we get more Wicker. The movie is based upon Robin Hardy's 2006 novel Cowboys for Christ

The Wicker Tree is written and directed by Robin Hardy, the same guy who helmed the original version, and stars Graham McTavish, Henry Garrett, Jacqueline Leonard, Britannia Nichol and Sir Christopher Lee.

Synopsis: "Young Christians Beth and Steve, a gospel singer and her cowboy boyfriend, leave Texas to preach door-to-door in Scotland . When, after initial abuse, they are welcomed with joy and elation to Tressock, the border fiefdom of Sir Lachlan Morrison, they assume their hosts simply want to hear more about Jesus. How innocent and wrong they are."

Be sure to check out the official website for more information and videos on The Wicker Tree. According to the movie's official Facebook page, it is set for a 2010 release Check out the teaser trailer below:

Source: DreadCentral

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