National Anarchists Delare Machete Racist, Promotes Genocide!


If for whatever reason you did not go and see Machete this weekend well shame on you. Even without your support it managed to land at the #3 spot at the box office bringing in $11mllion. Those of you who did go support this genre-tastic horror film good on you.

At any rate now for some serious news. The National Anarchists are looking out for you and Machete my friends is the end of the world as we know it. Machete according to a spokes person for the National Anarchists is endorsing genocide and racism against white people. As a white person I would just like to say that I am glad the anarchists got my back.

The film machete supports violence against white people says the spokes person in the news interview below and is a clear warning to Arizona that if they dont bow to Mexican pressure war is coming at the edge of a machete.

Watch below and if you take any of it seriously double up on your medication. Machete is a fun film packed with silly one liners, over the top b-movie gore and insnaity. Anyone who takes it seriously and as a threat to society might want to re-evaluate things. Or do like the anarchists and protest at theaters with Machetes.

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