Indie Horror - They Walk


More zombie love from the indie front.

From the films "official site," here's what they had to say about "THEY WALK."

"The story started as a discussion about how to best stave off and survive through the inevitable oncoming zombie apocalypse. Several survival methods were discussed, each with their own likelihood of survival. These ideas eventually became a story, and over the course of time, became a script. After shooting many interviews for a documentary on the history of zombie cinema, the genre became a much more interesting place, and definable story arcs, common elements, ethos and social commentaries seemed to come from the various eras of the genre.

With this in mind, each of the five groups of survivors in They Walk is modeled after an era of zombie cinema, both in visual aesthetic and story. Some references are much more obvious than others, while some are subtle to the point of taking a real interest in the genre itself to catch. However, any viewer with an admiration for independent film can appreciate the story, whether steeped in zombie genre tidbits or only a casual nibbler of the flesheater genre.

They Walk is writer and director Charles House's first feature film, and Macabre Cafe's second production credit. It's tentative release is fall of 2010."

Pretty interesting take on "each of the five groups of survivors in They Walk is modeled after an era of zombie cinema."  I'm curious to see how this all fits together and translate into a feature film. 

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