Attack of the Killer Turds


You read the title right, and I must admit I laughed quite hard when I seen it. Attack of the Killer Turds is an upcoming horror/comedy directed by Wayne Henrique and for anyone that loved the cheesy B-Movies of the 80's then this will be right up your ally.

Also this is an educational lesson to you all, the next time you pick up a greasy burger from some dodgy burger joint or just from any fast food establishment in general, think about the killer turd it might get you!

Synopsis: "Sure, a quick stop at the local fast food restaurant may seem harmless enough, but a mysterious contamination of the burger meat makes digesting that meaty goodness into a messy nightmare!!

Attack of the Killer Turds is currently in post-production and the film stars Adam Theroux, Joey St. John, Ryan Tully and Krystal Star.

The turd is set for release on October 2010. For more information head on over to their official website.  Check out the trailer below for some turd-tastic fun:

Source: Horror-101
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