Resident Evil: Degeneration CGI Sequel?


While Milla Jovovich is kicking ass at the box office with the recently released Resident Evil Afterlife 3D. Capcom have announced that they will producing a follow up to the CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration.

I have only just recently watched Degeneration and I must say WOW! That was awesome! It had everything I wanted from a Resident Evil movie, as it followed the games and tied in with my favorite Resident Evil game ever Resident Evil 2.

The upcoming sequel will be titled Resident Evil: Damnation and it will continue to follow Leon S. Kennedy and is said to be released in Japan in 2012, so it's still a fair way away but it will feature full stereoscopic 3D support. Do any of you guys know what that means? I am lost in all this technology, I'm only just getting to know what HD actually stands for. :D  

Any thoughts, which do you prefer the CG movies or the live action? Maybe you just love Resident Evil and anything will do?

Source: FearNet

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