Star Wars Episode III – Costume Designer talks Padme's wardrobe

According to the Star Wars Homing Beacon, Designer Trisha Biggar had to meld Padmé's history of attention-getting wardrobe with the character's need for secrecy in Episode III. The first costume seen in the film is indicative of the challenges faced.

Biggar talked a little about the costumes:

"Padmé ended up with 12 costumes this time. We initially thought she'd have fewer than that, but as always, it worked out that there were more."

Padmé first appears in Episode III on Coruscant, awaiting the return of her secret husband whom she has not seen in months.

"The first time we see her, it's sort of a mysterious scene where she's hiding behind pillars, waiting for Anakin to finish talking to Bail Organa. I wanted to use a dark color that would allow her to be in the shadows, but as soon as she stepped into the light, the light could catch the fabric."

A combination of velvet fabrics provided the contrasting interplay of light and darkness. When the lights catch the fabric, areas of the pile catch the light, providing large areas of highlight.

"I used navy blue panne velvet, which is velvet with a flat pile so it has a shine on it. I lined that with a devore velvet, where the pattern has been burned out of it, and you get the color of the lining of the velvet. You end up with two very different shades."

"I wanted to her to be swathed in this velvet cloak. If we saw her full length before that moment, we wouldn't know she was pregnant. But it's very easy for her to move the drape of the cloak, and then we would see the shape of her pregnancy through the dress if she wanted to reveal it."

Source: Star Wars

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