Cold Prey 3 - New Posters Inside


The "Ice Man" returns in Cold Prey 3 (Aka Fritt Vilt 3) although this time we get the prequel treatment and find out the origins of the psychotic Norwegian madman. I've loved the series so far and I'm glad they are taking us back to find out what really happened in the Stehoe mountain hotel.

Cold Prey 3 is directed by Mikkel Brænne Sandemose and written by Lars Gudmestad & Peder Fuglerud. The film stars Ida Marie Bakkerud, Julie Rusti, Terje Ranes, Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen, Sturla Rui, Arthur Berning, Nils Johnson, Pål Stokka, Trine Wiggen & Hallvard Holmen. 

Synopsis: "Jotunheimen 1976. The Stehøe mountain hotel is on the brink of bankruptcy after several suspicious and bizarre events. Unsure that their son has nothing to do with the inexplicable events the young couple running the hotel take the desperate and brutal step of keeping him locked in the basement. But one day something happens to shake the family forever. The official story is that the boy fell into a crevasse while he was out playing, and that the parents were taken by avalanche while they were looking for him. But was it the truth?" Via the guys over at 24FPS

Check out the official website and Facebook page for more information.

Cold Prey 3 (Fritt Vilt III) opens in Norway October 15, 2010.

Check out the two new posters below:



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