'The Tall Man' Begins Production


The Tall Man, not to be confused with Phantasm and the character 'The Tall Man' as I thought "awesome, more Phantasm!) but sadly not yet.

Anyway acclaimed French director Pascal Laugier (Martyrs)  makes his English language debut as he begins shooting The Tall Man, which is a mystery/thriller and will take eight weeks of filming in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Synopsis: "Set in the town of Cold Rock, The Tall Man is a story of the haunting secrets that hide behind closed doors. With children gone missing over the years, leaving neither a clue nor a witness, superstitious locals talk of ‘The Tall Man,’ a legendary, mysterious dark figure who takes children away never to be seen again. When a woman’s son is taken, the chase is on and with it the quest for answers: Who is the Tall Man, and what happens to the children? "

The Tall Man stars Jessica Biel, Stephen McHattie, William B. Davis, Samantha Ferris and Jodelle Ferland

Source: STYD

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