Dead Rising 2 Contest Winners.. FREE Brains!!!


Well kids time to pick some contest winners my favorite time of the day and no doubt yours. As you will recall Capcom donated 2 copies of Dead Rising 2 for our site to give away and its with great pleasure I announce the winners. Ok and to be up front we are not sending anyone any brains but your gonna be making yours melt with glee when you play Dead Rising 2.

I should add as a side note holy crap is Dead Rising 2 bad ass. I have not yet played enough to share a review but needless to say its pretty damn wicked.

Simon Rother won the Xbox360 version just by leaving his favorite Dead Rising moment on our Facebook page and Shelton Knighting won the PS3 version.

Thanks to everyone who entered and as always thank you for supporting our site and helping us grow by spreading the good word! We just like you are just fans trying to do the genre right but writing about what we love and we really appreciate that you take the time to read our ramblings.  

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