I Clean Up Your Grave - Teaser's Inside!


Thanks once again to Avery who averted my attention to the upcoming movie I Clean Up Your Grave. When I first read that I thought "is that a spoof of I Spit On Your Grave?" thankfully it isn't. It's being described as a slasher/stalker horror movie and I must say I like what I have seen so far.

The movie is about an ageing drug dealer who prowls Philadelphia for drunken party girls, but unknowing to him, his sloppiness attracts a stalker of his own. Check out the teaser's below:


For further information head on over to their Facebook Page and Official Site I Clean Up Your Grave is directed by Troy Coffee and written by Kaitlyn McAlister, the movie stars Charlie Cadwallader, Amanda Colianni, Alexis Kuczek, Jessie Rohrer, Gina Izzo, Megan McAlister and Julie Ufema. I Clean Up Your Grave is released on October 26, 2010

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