Is 'No More Souls' a Taster for Hellraiser: Revelations?


In my search for something to do with anything Hellraiser I stumbled upon this little gem, which I'm sure many of you are aware of. Is a horror short which featured as an 'Easter Egg' on the Hellraiser: Deader DVD titled No More Souls: One Last Slice of Sensation.

So you ask, why has this got anything to do with Hellraiser: Revelations?

Well Gary J. Tunnicliffe who wrote the script for the upcoming Hellraiser sequel Hellraiser: Revelations, actually wrote, directed and starred in the No More Souls: One Last Slice of Sensation horror short.

The short features pinhead but he isn't played by Doug Bradley but Gary J. Tunnicliffe instead (Pictured Right), and it is the first time I actually felt I was watching something that shouted out 'Hellraiser' to me. does it have it's flaws? Yes, as Pinhead talks way to much and Tunnicliffe is probably doing way to much, but it still worked and not having Bradley there was weird, and Pinhead looking quite chubby, it still worked. If Tunnicliffe can pull this off, hopefully this rushed sequel doesn't sound as bad as I once thought.

But it comes down to what director Victor Garcia can do, but if it's anything like this short then maybe, just maybe, we may have a Hellraiser sequel that may save this dying franchise, or what some considered, died years ago.

Synopsis: "Earth has been silenced and mankind eradicated by one final war. Now in the bowels of Hell Pinhead, Leader of the Cenobites finds himself bored, tortured by his own immortality and facing the fear that his own dark legion will eventually turn upon him. The only thing left to do?..the last possible slice of sensation he can experience? open the puzzle box himself:"

Check out the short below:

Also check out the 'making of' clip below:

So what do you guys think? Do you think they can pull it off? Am I just off my rocker in sugesting such a thing?


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