Hatchet II Unrated Pulled from Theatres


For those of you that managed to see Hatchet II unrated over the weekend, count yourselves lucky as via Adam Green's Twitter, we have been told that Hatchet II unrated has been pulled from US and Canadian theatres. Adam green Tweeted: "To those asking: Yes, Hatchet II UNRATED has been pulled from US theaters. Press release coming tomorrow when we have the full details."

During the weekend Canadian theatres pulled Hatchet II from showing, due to the fact of possible fines of showing an unrated film, also Hatchet II only took in just over $60,000 over the weekend due to it's limited release I'm guessing.

It seems understandable with film's such as The Last House on The Left (1972) and I Spit On Your Grave (1978) that also faced trouble with getting their films seen in theatres and the battles they had to take. But this is Hatchet it doesn't deal with any controversial themes if anything it focuses more on the comedy element than anything remotely shocking. 

I just think it's crazy that a film like this is causing all this drama, hopefully more will be revealed when the official press release arrives and explains the situation.

What did you think about Hatchet II Unrated? Did you watch it?

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