Get Your Spooktacular 2010 Readyness Kit


You can never be too ready, and with the Spooktacular 2010 Readyness Kit from Sideshow Collectibles you'll be set for whatever you need to be ready for.

What is Spooktacular? It's Sideshow's annual Halloween and Horror online extravaganza of rotating discounts, spot giveaways, new product announcements, contests, and community interaction, plus much more! To see what has happened during past Spooktacular events, visit the Events section of our Ministry of Information

Spooktacular 2010 will take place at from October 25th - October 31st, 2010. Prepare for the horrors of Spooktacular, and Be Ready for anything with the Sideshow Spooktacular 2010 Readyness Kit!

The Spooktacular 2010 Readyness Kit Promotional Kit features:

  • One (1) Cylinder of Terror! - reusable steel water canister
  • One (1) Apron of Horror! - fabric cooking apron
  • Seven (7) Creepy Window Clings! - vinyl static-hold window clings
  • One (1) Killer Panzy the Pirate! - 8-inch collectible doll by Pocket Full of Posiez
  • One (1) Decoder Zombie Face! - wearable decoder mask
  • One (1) Sideshow DVD of Goodies! - fantastic video content by Showscope
  • Plus, a Spooktacular 2010 Gift Card Code!

Price: $24.99
Quantity: Limited to 500

For more info about the Spooktacular 2010 Readyness Kit, click here.

via: Sideshow Collectibles

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