Psychological Thriller 'Confessions' Trailer Inside


From Japan comes Tetsuya Nakashima psychological/thriller Confessions which is based on the novel Confession by Kanae Minato. The film involves a middle aged school teacher who finds out her four year old daughter has died and she is convinced one of her pupils is responsible for the murder.

Confessions is set for a UK release in early 2011, but the film will have it's premiere at this years Film4 Frightfest All-Nighter on 30th October 2010 at London’s Empire Cinema.

The film has also been chosen as Japan's entry into this years 83rd Academy Awards ceremony in the Best Foreign Film category. Hopefully it does well, it would be awesome to have a horror movie win at an event of this calibre.

This movie looks awesome and as always it has that unique Japanese style which seems almost quirky and the performances look exceptional so I have high hopes this will do well.

Check out the trailer below which has English subtitles!:

Synopsis: "Takako Matsu (K-20: Legend Of The Mask) stars as Yuko Moriguchi, a middle-school teacher whose four-year-old daughter is found dead. Shattered, she finally returns to her classroom only to become convinced that two of her students were responsible for her daughter’s murder. No one believes her, and she may very well be wrong, but she decides, nevertheless, that it’s time to take her revenge. What happens next is all-out psychological warfare waged against her students in an attempt to force them into confessing what she knows in her heart to be true: they are guilty and must be punished."

Source: FilmShaft

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