Social Networking is Evil in Setan Facebook


I knew it... everything that is good, is actuall bad for you, and with Setan Facebook, too much Farmville will kill ya!  It's all cursed I tell ya.. CURSED!

From Indonesian director, Helfi Kardit comes the next phase of "cursed horror" with Setan Facebook.

Synopsis: At the age of 19, Farah was very energetic and spontaneous. She was considered as over confidence girl by her friends. Cici, her best friend and Nauvam her boyfriend have often reminded her not to get too obsessed with her status on Facebook. She has never missed an update no matter how busy she is.

The terror begins when Farah was invited to become friends with a stranger named Mira Anindhita. Fortunately, Farah has never confirmed the invitation, while friends who have, suddenly start dying. Farah begins to fear, what is actually happening?

Is death of the people around related to her an online activities or is it a psycho who terrorizes their victims. Is there any relationship between Farah and the mysterious figure who killed her friends? Will Farah survive?

via: QuietEarth

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