Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed by Flowers?


When you read that title, your probably thinking "What is that douche talking about?" Well Mad Max: Fury Road was scheduled to begin filming in February at Broken Hill in Australia, but unfortunately rain has broken out and caused the desert to blossom.

Now that may not seem like a bad thing, but when it comes to Mad Max and in this case director George Miller, he wants that desert dryer than a vintage bottle of English dry cider, and refuses to film elsewhere. With this sudden surge of bloom-age filming has been delayed again till July or more than likely September-October time.

George Miller has confirmed that Charlize Theron (The Road) is on board and  Tom Hardy (Inception) will be taken over Mel Gibson's role of Mad Max and Toe-Cutter, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne in the first Mad Max film will be returning in Fury Road, a

Miller told the Sydney Morning Herald;

''Unfortunately for Mad Max, what was wasteland is now this wonderful flower garden,'' Miller said. Finding an alternative desert location elsewhere in Australia was not possible.

''We've looked at every single nook and cranny in Australia for these specific locations,'' Miller said. "That's why Broken Hill has become such a base for outback films".

Miller has stated that Mad Max: Fury Road will "definitely" be made

So we may have to wait a bit longer, well you can't rush perfection and I like Miller stinking to his guns and showing his dedication to a true Mad Max setting.

What do you guys think? Do you think it's wise to delay filming to shoot in that one location? 



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