The 'White House' is Haunted in Filipino Movie


The White House in Washington D.C. might be haunted but I wouldn't know about that, but what I do know is that a White House in Topel Lee's upcoming Filipino ghost movie is haunted. 

The White House is directed by Topel Lee (Shake Rattle & Roll 8, 9, X) and stars Gabby Concepcion, DJ Mo Twister, Joem Bascon and Iza Calzado. The Mansion used in the movie is actually believed to be haunted, as back during World War II a family is said to have been brutally murdered in the mansion and director Topel Lee thought it was the perfect location and setting for himself and his crew to work in.

It would be interesting to see if anything actually did happen during filming, maybe included some behind-the-scenes footage, if this ever gets an international release.

Synopsis: "White House centers around six contestants who join a horror reality show. The winner will get a P1 million if he/she survive for five days inside a creepy mansion while dealing with some strange occurrences. As the night draws near, they soon realized that their lives are in great danger. A violent spirit(Iza)seeking vengeance now turn onto them."  

Check out the trailer below:

The White House hits Filipino theatres on October 20, 2010.

Source: FlixUnlimited

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