Brett Ratner talks future projects including Rush Hour 3

Empire Online sat down with director Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour", "After the Sunset") and asked about future projects. The director has three possible movies on the go ("Josiah’s Cannon" which would have starred Sean Connery,"Breaking Vegas" with Kevin Spacey and, of course, "Rush Hour 3").

“In Hollywood you gotta keep the movement. You gotta have three or four projects and whichever one comes in first, or better, that's the one you're going to do.”

About "Rush Hour 3", Bratt Ratner said:

“We would do it in New York and Paris. Just because the French give great moments – and both of them would be a fish out of water there. In the first one, Jackie was in LA and he's the fish out of water; in the second one, Chris was in Hong Kong, he doesn't speak the language. In France both of them don't speak the language so it would be perfect.”

You can read the whole interview here.

It is not decided yet, which movie Bratt Ratner will do next, but all of them sound very interresting.

Source: Empire Online

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