Gary Tunnicliffe Gives Insight into Hellraiser: Revelations


With Dimension Films direct-to-DVD Hellraiser sequel Hellraiser: Revelations literally appearing from out of nowhere and apparently finished filming, we still do not know that much about the sequel.

Recently STYD caught up with FX artist Gary Tunnicliffe who also wrote the script for Hellraiser: Revelations, has shed some light on the project, check out some of the things he said below.

STYD asks Tunnicliffe what type of story can we expect?

Tunnicliffe: "The story was actually originally conceived as a potential "remake" idea, I pitched it after a dream I had. It's a much smaller story, more akin to the first movie, more intimate, more about "desire" and playing more with the idea that maybe it's humans who are the real monsters and not the cenobites."

STYD asks Tunnicliffe how "true" of a Hellraiser film will this be?

Tunnicliffe: "I think this is much more of a Hellraiser movie than some of the other sequels because it was written solely as Hellraiser movie. In regard to Pinhead and the Cenobites I've always held a strong belief that they are the "frosting on the cake." Those brief moments with him - and the other Cenobites - in the first films were so strong that they captivated you, but the story itself was what drove the movie."

To read more of Tunnicliffe's extensive interview head on over to STYD.

I'm not sure what to think but I must say it sounds like the most promising sequel in the Hellraiser franchise since Hellraiser II, I'm still gutted there is no Doug Bradley and I'm reserving judgement on the new pinhead and pseudo-pinhead. But hopefully Tunnicliffe and director Victor Garcia can pull off a Hellraiser worthy sequel.

What do you guys think? Will you check out Hellraiser: Revelations? Do you still have faith in the franchise or do you think it should have ended years ago?

Hellraiser: Revelations is currently in post-production and has a 2011 release date.

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