Zombie Short - Ich, Zombie


We all love zombies right? There is just something about them that screams out, awesome! In all fairness when it comes to zombies in film, especially a zombie comedy more often than not they are a hit or miss affair. Sometimes forgetting what a zombie actually is and what it does and are referred to as dumb or stupid.

Sometimes something comes along in the form of an intelligent or thought provoking zombie film, and that brings me here today in the form of a German zombie short titled Ich, Zombie (I, Zombie). Which follows a zombie who has partially integrated into society and is treated as a second class citizen. It's all about acceptance, trying to live a normal  life, no matter how different you are, whether your a zombie or not there will always be someone trying to make your life hell only to make them feel better about there miserable life.

I thought this short was awesome, anyway check out Ich, Zombie below, it is a German short and there is no subtitles but the film speaks for itself.

Ich, Zombie from Gvolution on Vimeo.

Source: BuyZombie

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