50th Anniversary Screening of PSYCHO in NYC!


If you live in New york or are able to get to the New York area then you do not want to miss this. The Film Forum located in New York City is screening a 50th anniversary edition of Alfred Hitchcock's classic film PSYCHO for one week! That's from October 29-November 4, the show times during that week are at 13:00, 15:15, 15:30, 19:45 & 22:00.

How awesome is that, to witness this absolute classic on the big screen, hell you could go watch it everyday for that week if you really wanted, could you ever get bored of PSYCHO? I think not. Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece PSYCHO is such an influential film and has it's name fully etched in film history, Can you believe PSYCHO was first released way back in 1960, and yet it still stands strong to this day.

PSYCHO made many and still does to this day, afraid to use the shower, it is such an intelligent movie and continues to scare to this day. If you have never seen PSYCHO then I ask why not? Go watch this if you can, it will be epic! 

Not only that but film historian/critic David Thomson the author of The Moment of PSYCHO & The New Biographical Dictionary of Film, will introduce the October 29th screening of PSYCHO at 19:45 and will be signing both books after the screening.

The Film Forum is located at 209 W Houston St, New York, NY 10014. 

For booking and information call (212) 727-8110 or visit the Film Forum.


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