Troma Picks up Zombie Werewolves Attack!


As soon as you read a title like "Zombie Werewolves Attack!" You just know Troma is involved somehow. Well Troma has picked up the distribution rights for Zombie Werewolves Attack! Previously known as The Howlers Come, but Troma changed the title to help it fit in with all the other obscurities over at the Troma camp.

Zombie Werewolves Attack! Is written & directed by Chris Green and stars Marcel Legault, Ginette Gaskin, & Dany Gehshan.

Synopsis: "Zombie Werewolves Attack! Is about a small group of friends that are enjoying a party, only to have it crashed by uninvited guests. After barely surviving the werewolf attack, they learn that it has killed most of the people in their town. Now, surrounded by a town turned into werewolves, they face a difficult dilemma. Can they kill the innocent victims of the wolves, now werewolves themselves, to survive?"

According to their Facebook Page Zombie Werewolves Attack! Is now available for digital download but there is no information as to where you can download it from. For more information head on over to the Official Website and I'm sure soon they will reveal where you can get your hands on Zombie Werewolves Attack!

Check out the trailer below for Zombie Werewolves Attack!:

Source: DreadCentral

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