Hellraiser Remake Aimed at Teen Audience?


With Victor Garcia's Hellraiser: Revelations just being made sorely for the Weinstein Company to keep the Hellraiser rights, as they couldn't decide who they wanted to direct the big budget remake of Hellraiser. So they needed to get something Hellraiser related released and now according to B-D the Weinstein Company have found a director they see fitting for their remake of Hellraiser and that is...

Christian E. Christiansen (The Roomate) apparently he is the perfect fitting for the remake as the Weinsteins are looking for someone to make the Hellraiser franchise fitted for the teen audience.

Well there goes my hopes for having Clive Barker return for the remake, as he has stated on his Twitter page that he would be interested in coming back for the remake but no-one has contacted him.

Clive Barker Tweeted "..one a re-make of the first film,which I would be interested in writing and directing.The other is reputedly being made to hold on to..... the underlying rights. I can confirm nor deny none of this .Can anyone? It really would be nice to know if somewhere there's... a producer who dreams he is a Cenobite, or a producer who dreams he is a man."

So who wants a Hellraiser remake directed by Christiansen? I know, contain your excitement, but if you could choose who would you want to direct the Hellraiser remake?

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