1950's The Twilight Zone To Undergo Theatrical Remake


Rod Serling's epic series The Twilight Zone has given us decades worth of pure horror gold on our television screens and has spawned a variety of spin-offs and reruns for the past 50 years. It even spawned a movie in 1983, which I thought, kicked ass!

Well anyway according to Deadline Warner Bros plan on taking some of the original episodes and retell them in an all new movie. Myself, I was perfectly happy with just the re-runs of the classics on my TV every other month. Although I am interested to hear which episodes they wish to adapt.

Deadline reported:

"Jason Rothenberg (The Sparrow) has landed the assignment to write The Twilight Zone, a new feature version of the Rod Serling classic '50s TV series that Warner Bros is developing with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way. Details are scant, but the expectation is they will take some of the original stories written for the series by the likes of Serling and Richard Matheson."

Check out the original opening:



What do you guys think?

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