A Serbian Film Gets Pulled... Again!


A Serbian Film was scheduled to be shown at this years British Horror Film Festival in Bournemouth, UK. The Bournemouth Council approved the festival to show any film they wanted to show, as the event is strictly for over 18's only.

Then just a few days ago the council changed their minds and announced that A Serbian Film will only be approved to be shown once it is certified by the BBFC.

The festival director Stuart Brennan has issued this statement: “This is an unfortunate situation for us to be in. We believe strongly the film should be shown, however this new demand has left us in a position where we are left with little choice but to remove the film from our line up, as we cannot guarantee the film will be certified in time.”

A statement issued on behalf of Revolver Entertainment Ltd, the UK distributor for the film reads: "Revolver Entertainment Ltd. have decided with regret to withdraw 'A Serbian Film' from exhibition at the forthcoming British Horror Film Festival in Bournemouth. The film has been submitted to the British Board of Film Classification but does not, as yet, have a confirmed 18 certificate. While the film and any potential cuts are still under review the film cannot be screened as per the council's decision"

This isn't the first time A Serbian Film has been pulled, as it was also pulled from the UK's Film 4 Frightfest festival when it was scheduled to be shown on August 29, 2010.

A Serbian Film had been nominated for "Best Feature Film" and "Best Actor" for Srdjan Todorovic at the festivals award ceremony at the end of the night. 

Festival director Stuart Brennan commented on the awards ceremony regarding A Serbian Film:

“Due to the awards being judged on the day, the film that replaces ‘A Serbian Film’ will automatically be nominated in the categories that ‘A Serbian Film’ was nominated for. It’s a huge shame and a big blow for our festival. But we do have a number of other great screenings, including a number of excellent film makers in attendance to discuss their films.”

The festival will still continue as planned and if A Serbian Film isn't certified by the BBFC in time then A Serbian Film will be replaced by a high profile film that will be a UK first premiere! 

The British Horror Film Festival takes place on Saturday October 30th 2010 at the Bournemouth Pier Theatre from 2pm till midnight. If you do go to the festival the event has prizes for best Halloween costume so be sure to dress up as gruesome as possible for some lovely goodies!

For further information and to book tickets for the festival head on over to their Official website.



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