These Nazi Zombies Have 'A Chance In Hell'


This looks awesome, I mean there is absolutely nothing good about Nazi's but when they are zombies, well they become another species, you love to watch them get messed up! A few months ago 'Deadmanwalkin' brought you the teaser trailer for A Chance in Hell and it looked sweet, and now an official trailer has made it's way online, well actually it's been online for a while now, can't believe I missed it! Anyway reveals more Nazi antics and zombies running rampant, you know the good stuff!

A Chance In Hell is written & directed by Tony Wash and co-written by Johnny 5 (Yes, Johnny 5, I don't think it is the robot, but imagine if it was!) and stars Kevin Zaideman, Steven James Price, Tony Lee Gratz, Adam Stephenson, Doug Heiar and Chad Meyer.

Check out the official trailer below:

Check out the official website and Facebook page for more information

Synopsis: "During WWII, a Nazi scientist experiments to create the ‘ultimate warrior’ for the Fuhrer but all efforts are in vain. With the American soldiers closing in, the doctor performs one last experiment on a concentration camp child, unleashing a creature straight from Hell."

What do you guys think?

A Chance In Hell is still in production and no word on a release date yet.

Source: QuietEarth



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