The Host 2 is Going 3D!


Boon Joon Ho's epic monster film The Host was Korea's highest grossing film of all time so a sequel was always going to come along and I can't wait. The sequel is being prepped as a 3D project, but by going 3D it will delay the film's release date and bring changes to the film's logistics.

The Host 2 is expected to cost more than 20 million won ($17.6 million) and the film will involve intricate CG scenes which will be handled by the Korean VFX firm Macrograph.

The script for The Host 2 is currently going under last minute revision and is expected to be released in the summer of 2012 in Korea.

I loved The Host I thought it was a great little monster movie and I say 3D will be awesome for this, I usually spit on anything with CG or 3D but I have a feeling this will be killer.

Source: HollywoodReporter & Avery


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