Beware The 'Orcs!' They Will Eat Your Face Off!


You have witnessed these little blighters in films such as Lord of the Rings and you've massacred them in Warhammer, well now these Orcs are taking revenge, they are coming to terrorize a national park and the only thing that can stop these Orcs are a couple of park rangers. Oh and did I mention, they will eat your face off... Nice!

Orcs! is a fantasy/horror/comedy which is directed by Andrew Black and written by Jason Faller and stars Adam Johnson, Maclain Nelson and Renny Richmond.

Synopsis: "Orcs Orcs Orcs are battle ready, ugly, peeved and pouring out of the mountain to wreak havoc and destruction on outdoor enthusiasts and eventually all of mankind. Our collective fates lie in the hands of our hero trio; a couple of bumbling but well-meaning park rangers and Katie, a hot and feisty, over-the-top environmentalist."

Check out the Orcs! Trailer below:

Orcs! is set for a release in the fall of 2010, for further information head on over to their Facebook page.

Source: STYD

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