Mega Python vs Gatoroid Artwork


Last year The Asylum hit gold with Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, the online community was abuzz over the odd title, premise, a former '80s teen icon...and pretty much everything about it.  I proudly admit I'm a hardcore fan of the film, it gets a lot of plays with me.  With the success of the film, Asylum came out with Mega-Piranha staring another '80s icon. 

Sooner of later it was going to happen.  Now adding "Mega" films to their staple of mockbusters, Asylum looks to be settling the ultimate question: Who Will Come Out on Top?  Mega Shark's Debbie Gibson or Mega-Piranha's Tiffany?  At least I think thats the question.   

At the American Film Market, Asylum debuted the poster art for their newest project Mega Python vs Gatoroid headlined Debbie Gibson and Tiffany and directed by genre veteran Mary Lambert (Pet Semetery).  Plot: After a species of giant pythons invade the everglades, park workers breed mutant gators to counter the threat.  Soon, the battle between mega pythons and mutant gators threaten all of Flordia. 

All I have to say, hell yeah.  Yeah, only in a B movie could people cook up the solution of breeding more dangerous animals as a response to other dangerous animals.  If the same absurd-like energy from the previous Mega films can be maintained; I think Asylum will have a winner.  The next "Mega" film is Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus due out December 21.  

Advice to the Asylum; look at Australia's extinct megafauna: Mega Koala vs Uber-Roo; could be the gateway to the Australian market.  Syfy (which is co-producing) will debut Mega Python vs Gatoroid sometime in 2011. 



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