Awesome Limited Edition Hatchet II Print


Adam Green and Alex Pardee teamed up to create an ultra limited edition art print in honor of Hatchet 2 and the fact that Hatchet 2 was the first film in over 20 years to be released completely uncut, unfortunately the powers that be halted that pretty quickly.

After some bad news regarding Hatchet II this art print brings the good news and it looks freaking killer! It also helps matters that Alex Pardee is an absolute horror fan and Basket Case, Re-Animator and Night of the Living Dead are amongst his greatest loves and Adam Green is a fan and supporter of underground art, so the gods that be brought these two together and created this epic art print. 

Check it out below:



"HATCHET 2" Limited Edition Giclee Print
By Alex Pardee
17" x 22"
Printed with archival inks on Velvet Cotton Rag paper.
Ultra Limited edition of 100
Each poster is signed, numbered, and bled upon by artist Alex Pardee and HATCHET 2 Director Adam Green
$50.00 Each.

You can purchase this awesome ultra limited edition print HERE and also check out Alex Pardee's Blogspot.

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