Don Coscarelli Gives Us Hope for Phantasm 5!


With Don Coscarelli currently working on an adaptation of David Wong's (Jason Pargin) novel John Dies at the End the guys over at B-D got the chance to meet up with Don Coscarelli and didn't waste time in getting to the punch and asking about Phantasm 5!

Don Coscarelli "We’ve been cooking up a couple ideas, and I like to think that as soon as ['John Dies at the End' is] wrapped up we’ll try to get something going. Cause you know, over the years I’ve written a number of different iterations of ‘Phantasm’, and I’d just hate not to ever realize any of that."

They also talked about the possibility of Phantasm 5 being filmed in 3-D;

Don Coscarelli ""Well yeah, I mean, spheres in 3-D would be really exciting, you know, I’m interested in it. Honestly..."

To catch more of the interview head on over to B-D.

This is awesome, okay nothing is confirmed yet, but at least there is some hope that it will happen, hopefully in the near future. Plus having the sphere's in 3-D flying out the screen at will be great I just wonder will we find out what really is going on in Phantasm, I don't really mind, either way that's the beauty of Phantasm the whole mystery of what the hell is going on.

Imagine a sphere like this in 3-D:

What do you guys think? Do you want Phantasm 5? Is 3-D the right way to go?



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