Which Cenobites Will Join Pinhead in Hellraiser: Revelations?


When it comes to the Hellraiser series, the cenobites alongside the lament configuration box are the centre piece for the movies, so I'm sure you as much as I was wondering which cenobites would be joining Pinhead in Hellraiser: Revelations? Well we know that Pseudo-Pinhead will be on board, still not sure what the deal is with that dude.

Well thanks to the guys over at B-D, they caught up with actress Sanny van Heteren who told them which cenobites would be returning;

"Due to the budget, it’s limited," van Heteren told us. "It’s basically Chatterer, Pinhead, and 'pseudo-Pinhead'."

I for one am absolutely glad they have cut down the cenobites as I absolutely hated the amount of cenobites that they had in Hellraiser III, whats the point in having loads of cenobites if they suck? Chatterer is a legend and I'm glad he is returning, I'm disappointed that Butterball and Female Cenobite are not returning but at least there isn't Piston Head, Camera Head or CD among others, who comes up with these cenobites?

Hopefully this means the movie is quite stripped down and here is hoping it is dark like the original Hellraiser, what do you guys think? 

Is three cenobites enough? Are you still interested in Hellraiser: Revelations?



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